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Miles Against Melanoma 5K Run/Walk - June 8 2013

Miles Against Melanoma



"Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States.  One person dies of melanoma skin cancer almost every 62 minutes!"

Miles Against Melanoma just celebrated the 3rd Annual Miles Against Melanoma Walk/5K Run. Miles Against Melanoma, based in St. Charles, Missouri, is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to fight melanoma skin cancer by increasing awareness, supporting patients, survivors and their families, and fundraising for research.

TANS is a sponsor of Miles Against Melanoma and fully helps to support and promote their efforts to bring awareness and education regarding the extreme damaging effects of the traditional tanning habits that our society has adopted over the years. MAM is a national organization that began in 2010. Through MAM, they provide funding for awareness, education, advocacy and research for skin cancer, melanoma and cancers related to melanoma.


Our Message and Vision

*   To increase awareness of malignant melanoma and skin cancer through education, advocacy and research
*   To advocate for detection and to obtain skin examinations.  We help people find dermatologists in their area as well.
*   To ease the burden and to provide support for melanoma patients, caregivers and medical professionals through financial aid
*   To create a national association to aid in providing support to those with melanoma
*   To ultimately find a cure for melanoma

MAM's goal is to spread to every city in the United States to change the mindset of Americans and bring about community awareness in every state!  Visit the MAM Facebook Page and the MAM Website ( to get information to participate, sponsor, and to volunteer your time!


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