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                                  Become a TANS Licensed Retail Partner

                   Do you want to add TANS Spray Tan Services to your existing business?

                               Do you want to make TANS Spray Tan your core business?

The TANS Spray Tanning Retail Program is for you!

Tans Are Now Safe, TANS, is the largest company that solely focuses on Spray Tanning Services and supporting the Skin Cancer Foundation in their mission for safer tanning practices. Our spray tanning services goes right in line with all the services that elite salon's, spa's, and healthclubs already provide and allows for a great new source of revenue for your business.

TANS provide our Licensed Retail Partners a complete business solution to enable you to run and manage a growing and profitable Spray Tan Business.  This can be done by using TANS as your core business, or by the addition of TANS to your existing services as a way to increase your profits. There are many companies out there that will sell you the equipment and/or tanning solution. They will provide you with a video for training and wish you luck in your adventures- all the while promising you on-going support. Unfortunately this is not what you get.  

What the industry has found is that Airbrush Tanning is something that can bring new and existing clients in more often, giving the business more exposure for their other services.  It also can be a promotional offer as an add on or even for a complimentary service in order for them to come in for a consultation of another service that is offered.  

We currently have many retailers and organizations that are offering the TANS services.  The TANS retail team is comprised of Medical Spa's, Wellness Centers, Day Spa's, Hair Salon & Spa's, Tanning Salon's, and many Health Clubs, including College Recreation Centers.  TANS also have many Resort Spas that use our services and private label it under their own name.   They are confident in the results; giving them a very satisfied customer that will return more and more frequent.

The uniqueness of the TANS program is that we support your business like no other in the industry!  We have a complete turnkey business package whereas we actually provide the equipment to use, maintain it (replace or repair) so you never go without, certified industry and technical training, an amazing proprietary solution that has a brilliant bronze color that is very natural, TANS retail products available for resell, all marketing materials and even advertising with customers being forwarded to you from the TANS company website.   There is no reason for a company any longer to consider going into this blindly.  We provide it all!

We are the backbone to your success.  

Be part of something really amazing! By becoming a TANS licensed Retail Partner and receive a comprehensive Turnkey Spray Tan Business Solution providing your retail business the ability to increase revenue while providing your customers a cancer free alternative to traditional tanning.

With VERY little start up, proprietary tanning solution, extraordinary training and support, and ongoing marketing/advertising-

                                       TANS can be a profitable part of your business!

Call TANS at  888-636-TANS, submit your inquiry online, or send us an email  to inquire about the availability of a licensing agreement in your area. International inquiries welcome.

Interested in becoming one of our Licensed Partners? Call 888-636-TANS (8267)


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