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Have you ever wanted to own your own business? 
How about being part of something really amazing?

For a limited time, TANS, Tans Are Now Safe,
is looking for professional people to join our mobile team. 
TANS provide our partners a COMPLETE BUSINESS PACKAGE to enable them to run and manage a growing and profitable Spray Tan Mobile Business.  There are many companies out there that will sell you the equipment and/or tanning solution to start your own mobile business.  At best, they provide you with a training video and wish you luck in your adventures- promising you on-going support. Unfortunately this is not what you get. 

At TANS, we are offering a unique opportunity for a different sort of business person.  The TANS difference is that our business model is to solely support our Licensed Partners providing you the opportunity to get up and running with a Complete Turn-key Business Solution immediately and continue to run that business for years to come. We are the backbone to your success. No need for you to do anything else but make one phone call to us- we have it all for you. This is not available anywhere else in this industry!

Our retailer group consists of Beauty Salons, Day Spas, Medical Spas, Wellness Centers and even Tanning Salons. Our mobile group consists of people that have top level executive jobs/experience, Estheticians, Makeup Artists, Hair Professionals, Realtors, college students, stay at home moms, professional dancers/cheerleaders & multiple, current and past, pageant winners. By joining the TANS Mobile Business Program, with a minimal investment, you can start earning big money immediately. After the initial training, you can take this business as far as you want. This unique business provides flexible hours, and you can operate from your home or on a mobile basis. You can offer your services full or part time, it’s your choice! Imagine the possibilities when you start to explore the different markets available to you. You can also take your mobile business to spas, health clubs, and hotels on scheduled days for additional clients. You will have a great way to create an income, supplement your income, and never again pay for a spray tan yourself! What a terrific idea for home parties too. This is marvelous idea for pageants, bridal showers, fitness competitions,  bachelorette parties, girls-night-out, pre-wedding, or a great idea for a birthday party. This can be as big as you make it.

TANS Licensed Partners are part of an elite group that is in high demand as we educate people on the damaging effects that UV Rays are doing to our health from the natural sun, and even more damaging from over-exposure to the tanning booths.  The consumer's health is at the forefront of our mission. With Skin Cancer on the rise at an incredible speed we need to work fast to inform the public that we can stop this by choosing a safe and healthy alternative to the traditional tanning practices that we have unfortunately come to adopt.

With VERY little start up, proprietary tanning solution, extraordinary training and support, and ongoing marketing/advertising- TANS can be an extremely profitable business!

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Please call 888-636-TANS for your private interview, or
submit your inquiry online. Space is limited, call today to join our mobile team!

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