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For a limited time, TANS, Tans Are Now Safe, is looking for professional people to join our mobile team.
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TANS provide our partners a complete business solution to enable them to run and manage a growing and profitable Spray Tan Mobile Business. There are many companies out there that will sell you the equipment and/or solution to start your own tanning business. They will provide you with initial training and wish you luck in your adventures- all the while promising you on-going support. Unfortunately this is not what you get. 
At TANS, we are offering a unique opportunity for a different sort of business person. The TANS difference is that our business model is to solely support our Licensed Partners providing you the opportunity to get up and running with a Complete Turn-key Business Solution immediately and continue to run that business for years to come. We are the backbone to your success. No need for you to do anything else but make one phone call to us- we have it all for you. This is not available anywhere else in this industry!
The TANS package is unique because the skills and tools you gain from becoming a TANS Licensed Partner enable you to appeal to the masses. Men and women of all ages benefit from a TANS Spray Tan and your services can be offered almost anywhere and at anytime. Tan out of your home, at your local salons, gyms, spas, and even your local hotels. Also, your clients will absolutely love you coming to them in their own homes. It's amazing how business opportunities are literally everywhere you go. 

TANS Licensed Partners are part of an elite group that is in high demand as we educate people on the damaging effects that UV Rays are doing to our health from the natural sun, and even more damaging from the tanning booths.  The consumer's health is at the forefront of our mission. With Skin Cancer on the rise at an incredible speed we need to work fast to inform the public that we can stop this by choosing a safe and healthy alternative to the traditional tanning practices that we have unfortunately come to adopt.

Our mission to help raise Skin Cancer Awareness is the driving force that will keep TANS,Tans Are Now Safe, in the media. Our TANS Licensed Partners will benefit from our marketing efforts to change the tanning industry as we know it to make it safer for us all.
 Let us be the experts in the providing you all that you need to run a business- a complete business package- to allow you to be up and running in a matter of days!   

With VERY little start up, proprietary tanning solution, extraordinary training and support, and ongoing marketing/advertising- TANS can be an extremely profitable business!

Call to find out more information on The TANS Mobile Program!

    Please call 888-636-TANS for your private interview. 
                Space is limited, call today to join our mobile team!  

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Tans Are Now Safe, TANS, is the leader in custom spray tanning and is simply the best in the market!  TANS is a nationwide company, based out of St. Charles, Missouri with currently over 86 locations nationwide.  We spray TV personalities, work with professional photographers with their elite and everyday clients; as well beauty pageant contestants and winners are clients of TANS. We have many elite salon’s, spa’s, health clubs, and even doctors offices using our services either direct or through our mobile partners servicing their clients. We spray many college and professional cheer/dance teams and professional bodybuilding/fitness contestants and events are sponsored by TANS. 

TANS success comes from providing the most natural and sexy looking spray tan by using our proprietary solution.   TANS was founded with the primary mission to support the efforts of the Skin Cancer Foundation in educating the public of the extreme damaging effects that irresponsible exposure to the sun and tanning devices can cause and to give them a safe and healthy alternative in obtaining that perfectly bronzed glow-     
The TANS Spray Tan.  

                              TANS eliminates the health risks associated with tanning.

The TANS spray tan process uses our very own, proprietary DHA solution through our top of the line tanning equipment, which is then applied by our professionally trained and certified TANS Spray Tan Partners. TANS very own special spray tan solution gives a sizzling summer color for clients of every skin type, whereas it works with each persons individual skin tone resulting in a beautiful bronze color every time. TANS spray tan formula is made using the finest ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS, ORGANIC DHA, is ALCOHOL FREE, and FILLED WITH SKIN NURTURING ANTIOXIDANTS.. Unlike others, our exclusive tanning solution with SPF 15 has no harsh chemicals which often contribute to dry skin and allergic reactions.  It actually helps protect and rejuvenate the skin!

TANS spray tan formula uses DHA as its active ingredient which has been approved for cosmetic use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for over 30 years.  DHA based Sunless Tanning has been recommended as the safer way to tan by the following organizations:  Skin Cancer Foundation, World Health Organization, The American Cancer Society , American Academy of Dermatology , American Medical, Association , Federal Drug Agency.

Simply the best in the industry!  

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